You Are the One

You are the one whose paces will illuminate
The shores of my world clad in gloomy attire,
You are the one whose presence will permeate
The perfumes of love; so pious, so pure.
You are the one whose arrival will resurrect
Those dead angels; the soldiers of my dreams,
You are the one whose faith will fluctuate
The ship of my fortune sinking in the ocean of perils.
You are the one whose smiles will adorn
Every moment of my life with beautiful delight,
You are the one whose eyes as the morn;
Deck my countenance with their starry, glittering sight.
You are the one whose affection will dawn
The woeful, dreadful, stormy night,
Those pessimistic clouds with the wind be gone;
Restoring the sky from its miserable plight.

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review of After the Storm, a Fiction

True love never dies, it bears all the pains, all dreadful circumstances, all sufferings, and finally it comes out as a pure, fine gold. TS Arthur, an American nineteenth century novelist has clearly stated the view in the novel After the Storm. This narrative is a touching account of the lives of Mis Irene Delancy and MR Heartly Emerson. The opening chapter of the fiction introduces both main characters as lovers deeply drowned in love. Both are young at this time with self-pride, self-undiscipline and self-willed nature accompanying their youth. Irene’s father Mr Delancy is very much fond of his daughter and never goes against her will. He is well aware of his daughter’s relationship with Mr Emerson and sees no reason to interpose any objection in bestowing his consent for the conjugal bounding of both young lovers. Soon both the lovers are tied in a pious knot of marriage. Irene set out with her husband for New York in order to be settled in Mr Emerson’s home. How will their relationship cope up? Will their own dispositions create hurdles in their happy life? Are they married to be peaceful forever? The perusal is certainly going to give you a thrilling experience!

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